Presentation and Background

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Presentation and Background

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With the Web Office, our university has its own team of Internet technologies development, specializing in university web applications programming (institutional web sites, teaching platforms, virtual managing, etc).

This team has its origins in the Web Team of the ETSIIT of Granada, a pool of graduates experts on Internet technologies, complementing them with experts on graphics and information architecture areas.


From the ETSIIT Web Team of Granada...

etsiit300The University of Granada's Web Office has its origins in the Web Team of the Technical School of Computing and Telecommunications engineering (ETSIIT).

This team was set up in 1996 as a extracurricular working group for the students training with regard to the incipient new technologies in that moment. The work of this team went beyond the limits of the ETSIIT of Granada, and it was summoned for sites and web applications development for other centers, departments and institutes of the University of Granada, as well as other institutions and public and private organizations not involved with the University of Granada.

... to the University of Granada's Web Office

ugr300In 2008, the UGR Board of Directors entrusted to the ETSIIT Web the development of the design of a corporative image for the main web of the UGR and for the main government agencies, as well as the development of their web sites. From this relationship, it was obvious the necessity of creating an office that will carry out the corporative image and the presence on the Internet supervision, as well as the updating of the UGR main page contents and programming of several tools for virtual management.

In this way, nowadays the University of Granada has a team with more than 12 years of experience in the development of web sites and web applications for the UGR and for other institutions

How we work

The Web Office has a director and two engineers in computing to carry out the following tasks:

  • Main web maintenance
  • Corporative web farm maintenance.
  • Presence on the Internet
  • Projects advising and auditing
  • Webmasters training.

Moreover, to face up to the demand related to the development of web sites and application, we have a net of external professional experts on graphics, design and web programming. This fact enables the Web Office to dispose of a large, multidisciplinary, dynamic and flexible team to carry out projects of great importance or some projects at the same time, and always working with the best experts.

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