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Working Area

The Web Office working area is placed in the heart of the University of Granada, where it carries out different tasks such as advising on the Internet technologies or upgrading of the main web contents.

Advising and Auditing

One of the tasks that we carry out is the advising on new technologies to those institutions of the University that need it. We can help them to design an appropriate solution to their needs, make budgets and collaborate on projects related to programming and web tools design.

Web engineering

We use methodologies of the engineering to the development of our projects. No do not look for adhoc solutions that would be useless for the short term. We offer products of a great quality, guaranteeing its proper functionality and maintenance or future extension, with the objective of generate profits and savings of costs, in favour of our institution.

In this sense, we have dealt with several projects of a wide range of subjects:

- Virtual management

- Content management systems

- Teaching platforms

- Interactive web sites

- Digital newspaper

- Electronic commerce

- Multimedia portals

- Biosanitary applications

- Microrobots control

- etc

You can look up some of the institutional web sites developed in the section Gallery, or learn more about UniWeb platform.

Presence on the Internet

imagePresence on the Internet is a very important aspect for all the universities, and it is one of the criteria in some rankings that assess the quality of them. Some of the subventions of the University depend on these rankings. The Web Office examines and applies SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization) to all the projects that they develop in order to provide a better visibility, as it is proved by the landmarks and recognition achieved.

On the other hand, maintaining a corporative image and synchronizing the contents between the different institutional webs of our University is really important in order to make eassier the access to information, as well as the promotion of telematic tools use between users.

Web Office is developing an style notebook where the requirement of image, standards and other aspects are specified. This specification may be observed by any institution, as well as other recommendations and good practices.

Main web maintenance

Web Office is in charge of contents upgrading of the UGR main page ( Please, let us know about any anomalous data, mistake or suggestion by sending an e-mail to We will correct it as soon as possible.

In collaboration with the CSIRC (Computing Services and Communication Nets Center, this Office maintain as well the “web corporative farm”, a high availability and speed of answer server where the main web and the corporative webs are located, as well as some institutional webs built on the platform UniWeb .

Webmasters training

Periodically, we organize some training workshops for webmasters of our university. Some of these workshops are about the use of UniWeb platform, and other about the spreading of new standards and web publication regulations.

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