Benefits of using UniWeb 2.0

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Benefits of using UniWeb 2.0

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UniWeb 2.0 has been conceived for administrators of web sites developed on UniWeb only need ensure of actualization of contents, which are easily edited from any server.

Therfore, administrators of sites do not have to ensure for technical questions, how support servers or particular software. Neither have they ensure for aspects releated with graphics or performance of the accessibility regulations.

  • UniWeb is entirely managed through a web conventional server.
  • Uniweb offers to administators of the site any tools for contents edition and service management.
- Contents management (CMS)
- Noticeboard and RSS
- Publication of banners
- Menus configuration
- Users management and restricted areas
- Loading management
- Multilingual medium and translations management
- Calendar
- Images Gallery
- Videos insertion
- Form management
- etc.
  • To edit contents it is not necessary to have knowledge about standards nor technologies of web design. Neither it is necessary the use of specifics programmes or tools.
  • UniWeb grarantees the performance of regulation of web accessibility.
  • UniWeb keeps remote the visual content, therfore administrators of contents do not have to ensure of questions releated with graphics neither style form.
  • In order to fulfill every legal request and the existing regulations, the platform adaptations are carried out from the Web Office (web accessibility, corporate image, progamme contracts, etc).
  • The upgrades, the security copies and the maintenace of the platform are carried out from the Web Office of the UGR (University of Granada).
  • The sites constructed on UniWeb are stored in a cluster of web servers which is high assistance corporate, installed in the CSIRC quarters and supported by the UGR staff.
  • The web sites constructed on UniWeb generally benefit from the whole improvements and new functions developed for every Institution of the UGR.

* The web sites constructed on UniWeb can share information. It converts to the personal visual aspect of each one therefore it prevent the reply and a lack of sinchrony.

  • The web sites constructed on UniWeb can have access to dates of all the corporate databases of the UGR.

If you want to know more about this platform you can look up the UniWeb manual.

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