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Agreements for website development

The Web Office maintains, as a result of a tender, a all agreements with his suppliers responsible for the web development and institutional applications.

In this way, any university entity interested in developing your website or a specific Web application can benefit from such arrangements by contacting the provider directly. The Web Office acts in this step as a technical advisor and supervisor for compliance with technical requirements and quality of institutional guidelines and current legislation affecting websites and applications built on the institutional web platform.

Once the website has been developed by the provider, the Web Office shall, without additional costs:

  • installation on the UniWeb institutional platform
  • accommodation at the institutional web server
  • maintenance and improvement of global applications and web server that hosts
  • backups
  • training and advice to managers to update the content of such websites

Institutional web templates

plantilla_indexThe Web Bureau offers the academic community website templates made ​​for different entities.

Thus, the different entities of the UGR can make free use of the templates that defined the Web Office to develop the institutional sites of vice-rectors, services, centres, departments or research institutes. Templates can be used to develop web sites, performing on them the necessary changes in content and customisation of the relevant entity, with a commitment to respect the corporate identity of the UGR and the Accessibility policy and web standards.

In this regard, and to facilitate the task, the Office has developed a template Web neutral institution, including:

-Full CSS, compatible with different browsers.
- Various models web page with filler content below showing various elements and combinations thereof. All pages on this template meet web standards and web accessibility standards.

Using the template to develop institutional websites

In case of using this template, remember:

  • The template can be downloaded from:
  • It can be only used to develop institutional websites of the University of Granada.
  • Websites that develops must meet current regulations regarding web accessibility and standards.
  • As for changes to the CSS, is only permitted:
    • Modify coulours
    • Modify the header image (which appears as the background template “test image”)
  • It is expressly forbidden to make any amendment to:
    • The corporate identity of the UGR
    • The proportions of the page or parts thereof (for example, alter the width of the menus).
    • Typography.

Download the template neutral institutional


All templates institutional Web Office has developed have been designed and models specifically for the University of Granada. The exploitation rights on the design of these templates has been transferred to the University of Granada by the authors.

# Graphic design: Dixi graphic

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